How it works

To measure is to know

The Vets For City Pigeons project has been built around R-12, a contraceptive medicine. Experienced vets launch, monitor and evaluate the project and provide full supervision. Vets For City Pigeons guarantees measurable, visible and fast results thanks to this effective approach and constant monitoring.

A unique contraceptive

The ‘pigeon pill’ is a corn kernel coated with a contraceptive ingredient. Its effect is safe and fully reversible. It also provides pigeons with food and benefits their health.

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A proactive approach

Contraception alone is not enough. Vets For City Pigeons attributes its success mainly to its targeted, unique approach. This successful formula distinguishes us from other control systems on the market.

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An integrated method

Our experienced vets survey the issue, evaluate the possibilities, set up the project and perform continuous controls and assessments. This approach means the results are measurable and reliable.

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