Pigeon-friendly campaigns

Join in!

Join in!

Local residents

Do you want to be a pigeon-friendly resident? Then keep your neighbourhood clean and don’t feed any birds. This prevents any nuisance for your neighbours. Pigeons like to nest in places where they find food, and that’s where the problems start. The birds will easily find food somewhere else if they need to, and you can enjoy these beautiful urban creatures just as much from a distance. Keep an eye on public waste bins and make sure your own dustbins are properly closed. Lobby your town or city for a sustainable, animal-friendly approach in consultation with Vets For City Pigeons. Download the information brochure at the bottom of the page and take it to your local authority. Show your support for Vets For City Pigeons with a logo sticker (apply here). Display it somewhere it will be seen and help spread our message.

Towns and cities

There’s a wide range of deterrent systems available for controlling pigeon populations, but they’re not all equally animal-friendly or visible. Set up a well-considered and transparent control policy for your town or city instead. Birth control provides a sustainable long-term vision and a safe solution for people, animals and the environment. Make your local residents aware and inform them about the consequences of feeding pigeons. A combination of smaller and larger measures achieves the best results.

Tip: use our 'No Feeding' signs at the bottom to support your campaign and raise awareness among residents. Contact us for a design in your language.

Develop a healthy pigeon population in your neighbourhood with Vets For City Pigeons