An integrated method

Our experienced vets survey the issue, evaluate the possibilities, set up the project and perform continuous controls and assessments. This approach means the results are measurable and reliable.

Vets For City Pigeons sets up the project. Our vets survey the issue and draw up an action plan. The feeding places, dosages and time schedule are determined in consultation with the city. The urban pigeons are first conditioned with untreated corn kernels at the feeding places for two weeks. Then the course of treatment with R-12 begins. The medicine is distributed through an automatic dispenser. The Vets For City Pigeons project is very versatile because you can relocate the feeding places if required. You provide the feed where it’s needed, in city squares or parks or on roofs.

Our vets perform periodic monitoring, counts and evaluation. The entire process can be repeated and adapted depending on the situation. This flexibility ensures the Vets For City Pigeons project forms the perfect basis for a sustainable long-term policy.

Dispenser on the roof, Tongeren

Vets For City Pigeons distinguishes itself from other preventive methods with this integrated approach. We offer advice and support to authorities, and provide analyses and results.

This means our project is the only one of its kind on the market that satisfies the Flemish Animal Welfare Council’s action plan.