A unique contraceptive

The ‘pigeon pill’ is a corn kernel coated with a contraceptive ingredient. Its effect is safe and fully reversible. It also provides pigeons with food and benefits their health.

R-12 is a veterinary medicine in the form of a corn kernel coated with a small dose of nicarbazin. Nicarbazin is used in poultry farming in prevention programmes for coccidiosis, an intestinal parasite in birds. It has a side effect that damages the membrane between the yolk and the egg white, which prevents embryonic development.

The side effect is fully reversible and disappears 4-6 days after the last administration, after which the animal can reproduce again. It does not endanger the health of the animal. Clinical tests on pigeons treated with R-12 show that it does not have any negative side effects, or cause any tissue or organ damage. It even has a positive effect on the pigeons’ health, and protects them against coccidiosis infection.


R-12 is free of hormones and harmful substances.