How long does the treatment last?

Treatment with R-12 takes place throughout the entire mating period, from March until October on average. You are professionally supported by an experienced vet throughout the entire process. Counts before and after the treatment mean we can monitor the evolution of the population closely. To achieve the best results, repeat the treatment annually. This is the only way to achieve a balanced, healthy population. A new initial count is conducted every year. This count forms the basis for determining the dosages and feeding places. As the population becomes smaller, so too do the dosages.

How soon do you notice results?

You notice results quickly with the Vets For City Pigeons project. See the figures here.

The rebound effect

If you stop feeding R-12, the population immediately reproduces again and expands quickly. The population only needs a few months to return to its original numbers. If you then start the treatment again, you’re starting from scratch and it takes longer to achieve the same results. R-12 is a project which you enter into for the long term, and a solution which you as a town, city or company believe in.

The rebound effect is a recurring frustration in pigeon pest control. Traditional pesticides get rid of lots of animals in a short space of time, but empty spaces are filled again quickly. Vets For City Pigeons is the only continuous long-term solution.


Without contraception, a dominant pair of urban pigeons can raise up to 12 chicks per year.