Traditional pigeon pest control

Pigeon pest control is a tricky issue. Traditional methods only offer a temporary or local solution, and don’t resolve the problem in the long term. Other methods, on the other hand, are not consistent with animal welfare rights. Furthermore, a single method often isn’t sufficient.

Catching and eliminating pigeons

Catching pigeons with cages is a superficial, temporary remedy with a cruel outcome. You can remove lots of birds in a short space of time using cages, but they are soon replaced by new young ones. You also need to ask yourself if it’s ethically responsible to catch and then ‘euthanise’ pigeons.

Spikes and wires

Spikes and wires deter birds locally, but don’t offer a long-term solution. They simply shift the problem rather than resolve it; the pigeons will make nests elsewhere. Spikes are also no guarantee for success. Pigeons are stubborn animals, and sometimes even make nests between the structures.


Pigeon nets are often used for large areas. A net can be a good solution for keeping pigeons away from a specific place, but it doesn’t resolve the overpopulation problem. Wear and tear can also lead to holes in the mesh. Pigeons fly through the gaps, become entangled and cannot escape. This can also happen with other birds, including birds of prey, which does not end well for the animals.

Electrical solutions

Electric defences cause the pigeons pain and wounding. The purchase, usage and maintenance costs of this method should also be considered.

Shaking eggs

Removing eggs from nets and replacing them with synthetic eggs is a labour-intensive method, which doesn’t always guarantee success. Shaking eggs also causes suffering to the embryo from day 3.

Hormone-based contraceptives

In France there’s a hormone-based contraceptive for urban pigeons available on the market. All hormonal agents have an influence on health and the environment.

Surgical sterilisation

Unethical practices came to light in 2011. Urban pigeons were being captured in Brussels and transported to France where they were sterilised without anaesthetic. They were then set free again in Brussels. This practice was brought to light and generally condemned by GAIA.

The Vets For City Pigeons alternative

Vets For City Pigeons tackles the problem at its core. Birth control is an efficient and permanent solution which renders all other methods unnecessary. It’s the most animal- and environment-friendly solution on the market. With R-12, a non-hormonal contraceptive, we keep pigeon populations under control in a safe and natural way, without causing pain or killing the animals. We offer a long-term total solution with professional monitoring and evaluation by vets.