Brussels bans the capture and killing of urban pigeons

07/02/2022 - 16:24

An important step towards a sustainable and animal-friendly approach to pigeon nuisance

The catching and killing of pigeons will henceforth be prohibited throughout the Brussels Capital Region. The ordinance was unanimously approved by the Brussels Parliament and has the full support of Minister of Animal Welfare Bernard Clerfayt.

Because pigeon overpopulation in urban areas can cause a lot of damage, specialised firms have been able to apply for a pigeon control derogation from Bruxelles Environnement until now. However, a 2019 study carried out by Brussels Environment and the Natagora association showed that the methods used are expensive, inefficient and cruel, and also cause great physical suffering to pigeons. One of the animal-friendly alternatives, and also the most successful, is feeding contraceptive corn, as proposed in the long-term plan of Vets For City Pigeons.

In the Brussels Capital Region, Brussels-City (Laeken) and Ixelles have already adopted the animal-friendly approach of Vets For City Pigeons. We can only encourage the other Brussels communes to follow the animal-friendly example of these two pioneers.